East Texas Airports Have Shorter Lines

East Texas travelers you may have an edge on other airline passengers. With the heightened airport security travelers are seeing longer lines at major airports.  But, that's not the case here in East Texas.   Our local airports are almost hassle free.

"Not having to wait in such long lines, a little more strenuous screening, and flying into a secure area to the next airport that's the benefit rather than driving to Dallas and getting in the long lines for security," says Clyde Sanders, General Manager with American Eagle.

With stricter flying regulations, Sanders says its just another reason for East Texans to fly from their local airports.

"Here it has been less than 5 minutes for passenger going through the check point, says Sanders.

Travelers agree flying locally saves time.

"The check in took probably about 5 minutes.  I know Dallas has a lot people coming in and out because of the international flights so I would rather get in and out fast so I can get it done with," says Steven Chase a traveler.

The local airports are asking passengers to arrive an hour before departure rather than 2 hours.

Sharon Howell owner of Travel Masters says flying locally has always been her recommendation to her clients.

"It's easier and of course the security lines are a lot less and its a lot less hassle," says Howell.

Howell says even with the new security measures, she does not believe it will keep people from flying.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com