Teams Eyeing Former Packer Receiver Murphy

Aggie fans had the chance to meet and greet former wide receiver Terrence Murphy at the Tyler-Smith County A&M Club's meeting Thursday night.

Fans swarmed A&M's all-time leading receiver to shake hands and ask questions, but there is still plenty of buzz about Terrence's future.

A helmet to helmet collision brought an early end to his pro career in 2005 with Green Bay.

Right now there are plenty of teams shopping for a good backup receiver, including Dallas. Terrence would not name names.

"We got some teams looking," he said. "We got some teams out there, but I'm going to keep it a secret. If it's meant for me to play, I'll play. Everybody knows that I can play football. It's not about me being able to play. It's what could happen if I take a hit. So that's the biggest situation why I'm not playing right now, but I'm healthy."

Terrence plans to pursue his masters at Texas A&M this fall if he does not return to football.