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Stranded In Washington

KLTV 7 News Director Kenny Boles was stranded in Washington, D.C. KLTV 7 News Director Kenny Boles was stranded in Washington, D.C.

Airplane passengers are facing long lines, heightened security, and flight cancellations today. KLTV 7's News Director, Kenny Boles is one of the people stranded. He was schedule to fly back to Tyler from Washington D.C. this morning but after waking up and hearing about the terrorism threats, he knew they were in trouble.

"We hustled the best we could and we got to the airport, Baltimore Washington International an hour and half before our flight.  When we got inside the lines for the security were the most incredible thing I have ever seen.  It was stretched the length of a bout 3 football fields through the terminals and then doubled back again.  They were wheeling these waste baskets up and down the lines collecting all of these liquids from everyone. The most frustrating thing, as a passenger, it appeared that the transporting security administration and the airlines were simply not prepared for this kind of heightened alert.  So after thousands of people stood in line for 3 hours to get through security to get to our gate to find out the planes are gone, they sent the planes out on time.  So there were literately thousands of people stranded," says Boles.

Kenny says he was one of the lucky ones, he believes he has gotten a ticket to fly back tomorrow.  Airline personnel told him that some people may be stranded for 3 to 5 days.

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