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Brownsboro Woman Missing Over A Week

   Longview police are hoping surveillance video will solve the mysterious disappearance of a Brownsboro woman.  23 year old Brandi Wells has been missing since August 2nd.  Today, police released the surveillance video from "Graham's Central Station" in Longview, the last place Brandi was seen.

     "I was absolutely petrified when she vanished, I felt like something was wrong immediately" said Wells' godmother Michelle Cole.  

   Brandi Wells was supposed to meet up with friends after going to "Graham's Central Station" last week.  She hasn't been seen since, and relatives are trying to piece together who was with her when she vanished.

    "It's horrible, I just want her home, the things that she told me about what's been going on in her life here lately, I said be careful" Cole said.

      Her abandoned car was found on I-20 near highway 31 on Tuesday surveillance video from graham central shows Brandi entering the club with one of two men she was with two men that police want to talk to.

    "We don't believe at this point there's any foul play involved other than finding her car on the interstate,  right now we're still running down leads we're trying to get the two guys she was seen leaving with identified so we can talk to them" said Longview police sergeant Shaun Pendleton.

         Family members say they are desperate for answers for where Brandi is.

    "I just feel like she's somewhere that she can't call us. She's just so friendly she would talk to anybody" says Cole.    

      Family members say Brandi is easily recognized by a nervous condition that makes her "blink" rapidly.   If you think you've seen her, your asked to call Longview police.    Bob Hallmark/ .                     

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