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Longview Apartment Complex Now Has A/C

You may remember a few weeks ago we reported about a Longview apartment complex without A/C. Well, the air conditioning is now up and running.  

Residents at Tropicana Apartments on South High Street in Longview have been living without central air conditioning for nearly a month now.

Management said the unit's compressor broke and required special parts to fix. After more than a week of no A/C, the apartment complex installed window units as a temporary solution.

Today we spoke with the apartment manager, Dave Chessey, about reducing rent for tenants.

"I have talked to some people,yes I have," Chessey says.

When asked why just some he says, "Because only some people have come up to me.  That's the reason."

Chessey said ultimately he had to hire a company from Louisiana to repair the nearly 40-year-old unit.  

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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