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Airport Regulations

Due to international events over the last 24 hours, Tyler Pounds Regional Airport is taking additional precautions as outlined by the Transportation Security Administration.

Passengers arriving at the airport need to be aware of the following:

  • No cars are to be left unattended immediately outside the airport terminal building. This area is for picking up or dropping off passengers only. Cars left unattended will be towed.  
  • Due to new TSA guidelines, no liquids (including beverages, shampoo, creams, gels, and toothpaste) will be allowed past the TSA passenger security checkpoint. Exceptions are prescriptions with a name that matches the passenger's ticket, and infant formula or milk if the child is present. All other liquids must be placed in checked baggage. 
  • With this new change in the screening process, passengers are encouraged to arrive at the airport early to go through the TSA security checkpoint.
  • If passengers have any questions about flight delays, they should contact their airline directly and NOT the airport.

American  1-800-433-7300
Continental  1-800-523-3273

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