"World Trade Center" Movie Released Today

With the memories of September 11th still fresh in the minds of many Americans, a new movie is dealing with the heroism of that day. "World Trade Center" opened today in 2500 theatres nationwide.

It was a day everyone remembers where and what they were doing, especially the families of those who survived and those who did not. "World Trade Center" is about two of those families.

"Just the fact that it was such a tragedy, the worst tragedy that this country has ever seen. That within itself is compelling enough to make me want to come see it," says Jackie Brewster, who came to watch the opening at one of Longview's movie theatres.

It tells the story of two heroic police officers who risk their lives to save people from the burning twin towers, but are pinned underneath falling rubble.

"Everybody knows somebody that lost somebody and maybe it will be a little healing even to see that two miracles did come out of," says Shelia Huslin, who also watched the movie.

And the good that came out of people during that tragic time..."horrible things like that do tend to bring out the good in people and we watched some much goodness, you know here and on television there and always the horrible crisis does bring out people's best," says Shelia.

Movie-goers say this film brought out its best--saying it was respectful and well-done.

"It put a real human side to the whole thing, it wasn't the whole terror part it was just kind of like humanistic," says Shelly Holmes.

And the right timing--just shy of September 11's fifth anniversary as a reminder to all.

"I think it's good that they made it and it's good that they made it now," Shelia says.

"World Trade Center" is rated PG-13. One parent we spoke with said it was a good idea for her teen to see this part of America's history, but it is a decision parents will want to make on a case-by-case basis.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.