Lindale Residents Wonder How Baby's Death Happened

Annette Falbo was working in her herb shop in Lindale yesterday, when police found Kerrigan Petty's body just across the street. She and an employee had seen the truck there earlier. When they learned the baby girl had been stuck inside all day long, just yards away from them, they were devastated.

"We both just sat here and wept, and just thought to ourselves, while we were complaining about how hot it was in here there was a little one trapped in the car," says Falbo.

As the mother of five, Annette says her heart goes out to the family, but she says one question keeps going through her mind.

"How do you forget that you have a child in the car? How does that happen? How is it that we're so busy, and we're so distracted that you literally forget about the most important thing in your life," Falbo says.

Crysta lee was working nearby as well. She wonders the same thing.

"It could just be that our lives, our work lives and everything else has taken precedent over our family lives," says Lee.

Regardless of why it happened, both women say they grieve for the little girl's family.

"There is no punishment greater than guilt and self loathing, or to be angry at yourself and be so sorry for a mistake that you made that was not intentional," says Falbo.

They hope the tragedy will at least make people more aware of what they're doing, so they don't suffer through the same thing.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: