Fashion Magnets: "Does It Work?"

Ladies are you looking for something different to show off your magnetic personality? This week's "Does It Work?" product may attract your attention. It's called Fashion Magnets magnetic jewelry. It's a 36 inch long string of colored plastic beads with larger jewel cut magnets strategically placed every few inches down the strand.

The package says, "wrap, click, wear and go. No hooks, no clasps. It's jewelry you'll be drawn to wear your way," it says. And the package gives you plenty of examples to draw from. You can wrap it once and connect the magnets to make a long necklace. Twice to make it shorter. You can make a choker or even a bracelet or anklet. It's supposed to "give you an entire jewelry collection in one beautiful, versatile strand."

We passed it around to several ladies. A few of them didn't care for it but the vast majority found it to be "cute and multifunctional."

"Does It Work?" The Fashion Magnets gets a "yes."

We paid $5.99 for Fashion Magnets at CVS Pharmacy.