5 Month Old Dies In Truck

A five month old baby girl was found dead inside a pickup truck.  The discovery was made inside the truck around 3:30 this afternoon, where it was parked on the corner of Main and Valley Streets. That's just down the street from the Lindale Police Department.

As we found out, the little girl was a child of one of Lindale's reserve officers for Lindale.

"I got a call today that he may have left his infant baby in a pick up," says Judge James Cowart, Justice of the Peace for Precinct 5.

The truck was outside the Lindale Police Department. That's because the baby's father Kevin Petty is a reserve police officer with the Lindale Police Department. Officials say Petty was attending a training school today outside of Lindale.

Officials say the child was left in the truck for several hours during the heat of the day and she wasn't found until around 3:30 this afternoon, after a call from the Petty.

"They told me he was back in Lindale when he made the call when he made the radio call he was coming into Lindale.  So apparently he realized it at sometime and he had some guys to meet him at the back of his truck.  They went and checked the pick up and sure enough they found the child in the truck," says Judge Cowart.

Petty's daughter was 5 months old.

"It is a terrible loss for the family, there are people around here that know him and everything and the family is taking it pretty hard right now," says Judge Cowart.

Since it involved a member of the Lindale Police Department, Smith County Sheriff's Department will be investigating.

"The information gathering will take a couple a days.  Judge Cowart in Lindale he requested an outside agency to investigate it which is understandable so I would do the same thing in this type of traumatic thing that needs to be investigated," says Sheriff J.B. Smith with Smith County.

After the investigation is complete it will handed over the district attorney's office.

Judge Cowart has ordered an autopsy. That autopsy will be performed at Southeast Forensics in Tyler.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com