Longview Police Chase Ends With Civilian Help

A high speed chase in Longview, today, starts when police identify a suspected car thief behind the wheel.

Around 10:00 this morning, police were called to the Certified Used Car dealership. When the suspects came in to test drive a car, the dealership ran their plates, discovered the SUV was stolen and called Longview Police.

The pursuit started when the suspects left the dealership on South Street. They followed the SUV to Green Street, then Estes Parkway, before heading down I-20 east into Harrison County.

The chase finally came to an end about 30 minutes later, when Sergeant William Howell says the suspects got behind a civilian driver in a blue pick-up who was trying to help out.

"He was stopping and swerving in front of the fleeing suspect, and he continued to do so until he got the suspect to slow down to ten miles an hour. The suspect appeared to get frustrated and was waiving his hands out of the window. The citizen in the blue truck continued to stop in front of him until the suspect pulled over, and we took him into custody."

Sergeant Shawn Pendleton says the actions were appreciated, but not recommended.

"There's no telling... The people we were chasing could have been armed. They could have rammed his vehicle. It's a pretty dangerous situation. It's not something we want to encourage the public to do on a regular basis," says Pendleton.

Police searched the SUV and did not find any weapons, but they did find an empty beer bottle. James Lynch of New Mexico and Jennifer Brown of Odessa were both arrested. They now face theft charges for the stolen vehicle.

The driver is also looking at a state jail felony for evading arrest.

The woman involved in the chase had outstanding felony warrants for fraud.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com