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Company Announcement Brings Big Opportunities To Longview

A huge announcement brings hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars to East Texas. Longview city leaders made it official today.  SYSCO food supplier is building a new distribution center in the city.  The new facility will be located on Highway 149, just south of Interstate 20.   

"It's going to have tremendous amount of impact financially, creating the jobs, we're just real excited about it," says Gregg County Judge Bill Stoudt.

That's because SYSCO's new distribution center will give jobs to nearly 300 East Texans and help to develop the surrounding area.

"With SYSCO putting their plant out there there's a tremendous amount of land that could still be developed for industrial base so I'm very optimistic that there's going to be some other development out there," Stoudt says.

Already construction of a new Wal-Mart has begun right down the street from SYSCO's 70 acres. City leaders say the recent boom in development is because of Longview's location.  

"I think we're very centrally located for the market they want to serve," says Les Mendicello, LEDCO Board President.

And SYSCO agrees. Longview's distribution center will help the company ship all over this region.  "Shipping our food out to our customers in a timely manner that's what we all want to do," says Ted Murray, Senior Vice President of Dallas SYSCO.

Local businesses, including family-owned Johnny Cace's, think the new plant will do just that. 
"If I run short of something or if I have a special request from a customer then the salesman or myself can go right out and get it, it will be that easy," says Gerard Cace, owner of Johnny Cace's Restaurant.

Easy on local businesses, the city, and residents--all who will benefit from this multi-million dollar deal.  

SYSCO is the nation's number one food distributor.  It supplies various restaurants, hospitals, schools and hotels. The new center is expected to begin operations in 2008.  SYSCO says it does not yet know when hiring will begin for the jobs.    

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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