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New Gun in Town: Small -- But Dangerous

There is a new gun in town: a Swiss minigun the size of a key fob that can shoot an eye out, according to an Intelligence Bulletin from the Baltimore, Md. police obtained by ABC News.   

Police officers face weapons of every description every day -- from "Hello Kitty Key Chains" that  turn out to be razor sharp knives to guns concealed in cigarette packs.  ABC News regularly reports on the phenomena. But this gun is unusual even in that mix.

It is advertised as the smallest fully functional revolver in the world. But it packs an outsized punch.

According to the Swiss manufacturer's website, "This firearm is a scaled-down model of the much acclaimed and mystical Colt Python with all the same features as are found on the real size gun."

Police officers have been advised to watch out for the gun, which fires miniature ammunition that could take an eye out at close range.

"The manufacture of this exceptional miniature revolver has only been possible by exploiting the incomparable expertise and latest technologies of the Swiss Watch and Jewelery Industry, upon which its worldwide reputation is built. Our revolver and its ammunition are 100% Swiss made,"  the manufacturer states.

Source: ABC News

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