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Safe Haven Holds Horse Adoption

Some horses in Upshur County that were saved from starvation are now being adopted. The animals will have new homes thanks to East Texans who have come to the rescue. Safe Haven workers could not have imagined the response they were going to get.

"I'm very impressed.  East Texas has really stepped up and really said we care about horses. We care about what happens to them," said Safe Haven director Richard Fincher.

Since Safe Haven rescued more than 20 horses last Sunday, East Texans have donated feed , hay and money to help the animals recover, seeing what the workers were up against.

"I saw coverage of the situation up there at Safe Haven and it inspired us to help them out any way we could," said feed donator David Keith.

Today dozens of prospective owners turned out at Safe Haven Farms in Bettie, to fill out applications to adopt the rescued horses.

"Well we have a grandchild that has a horse at our place and we thought this would be a way we could help adopt a horse and at the same time give him a horse, because he likes to ride for pleasure," said prospective horse owners Charlie and Paula Chamberlain of Pritchett.

"I can't believe how many people came out.  We've had alot of people that wanted to adopt these horses right now," Fincher says.

Around 25 horses are being rehabilitated from neglect and starvation at the center.   The adoption approval process takes about two days. By Tuesday Safe Haven workers say they expect all of the horses will have new homes. But, they expect more horses will be in their care in the future, and more adoptions will be needed.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.

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