Two Wounded In Longview Shooting

Two Wounded In Longview Shooting

For the third day in a row, Longview Police respond to a shooting on the city's south side. Shots were fired this morning between what police call two rival groups.  Two people were rushed to Good Shepherd Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.   It happened around 11:30 a.m. at the Tree House Apartments in the 600 block of Avalon.

Police say numerous shots were fired at the driveway entrance to the apartment section. Witnesses say that the victims and suspects were arguing prior to the shooting. The suspects fled the scene before police arrived. Investigators say this latest shooting is "not connected" to the previous two shootings within the last two days, but are the result of disputes between two rival groups.

"Several weeks ago they had a dispute between these two groups of individuals and of course we've beefed up patrols in the area extra officers to make sure we take care of any problems that might arise this evening" said Longview police sergeant Carlos Samples.

Investigators expect to issue arrest warrants on two possible suspects. If you have any information call Longview Police.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.