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9/4/06-Oxnard, CA

T.O. Missing Time, But For How Long?

Terrell Owens missed both the morning and evening practices again today, nursing his sore hammy. More on him in a second.   Offensive guard Stephen Peterman has a sprained ankle and won't be back until Monday.  And, backup quarterback Drew Henson has struggled, leading Parcells to say, "He needs to play better than he's playing."

So, back to T.O.  The big question at camp right now is, how bad is he really hurt? The answer may depend on who you ask. Never has a sore hamstring drawn so much attention. T.O. has been sidelined for three straight practices now.  But,  everyone seems to be downplaying it.

"I don't know that he has an injury," said Parcells.  "I think he's a little sore, you know, I think he's worried about it, is really what I think is going on."

"Obviously, the more that we get him out there and the more we work together the better off we'll be," said Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe, "but at the same time, if he was to go out there and tear up a hamstring, and we lose him for awhile, that's a horrible scenario, so I think he's doing the right thing."

"I'm doing all the things necessary that the trainers are asking me to do," Owens said.  "So hopefully I'll be back soon."

But soon, may not be soon enough for Parcells, who doesn't like his players missing time because of injury.

"Just like any player, you need the work," Parcells said, "you need the timing, you need the competition. You need all this, so hopefully we'll get him back soon. He'll get going." 

No word on when Owens will return.

Kevin Berns reporting.

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