Donations Taken For Starving Horses

Some east Texans have come to the rescue to save starving horses. On Sunday, we told you about "Safe Haven's" effort to save over 20 horses in Upshur county. Since then, people and businesses in Longview and Tyler have donated feed and hay for the animals, it is expected to arrive this weekend. Safe Haven director "Richard Fincher" is grateful for the donations, but says more is needed to help the horses recover.

"This is an ongoing problem, it's just doesn't happen one time it's daily, today I got 5 calls 6 calls from people with horses that are starving , they just reported it" says Fincher.

For people who may want to adopt some of the horses, Safe Haven is having an open house from 9 to noon tomorrow. Safe Haven is located on fm-2088, 4 miles west of highway 271 in the town of Bettie. That's just north of Gilmer.

For More Information call (903) 762-1432.

Reporting Bob Hallmark;