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A Better East Texas: Keegan Fowler

Every now and then all of us feel like we've been kicked in the gut. Most would agree that's the time we show our true character. Unfortunately too many of us play the role of victim. But occasionally someone courageous comes along who turns life's setbacks into unselfish acts of leadership for the benefit of others.

Take Keegan Fowler. Several years ago she and her mother escaped an abusive relationship thanks to the help of the East Texas Crisis Center.  Keegan is now in business to make sure the crisis center can take care of other families. She has always been artistic, so with some guidance from her mother, she began making and selling flip flops to benefit the Crisis Center.

"The Crisis Center was trying to give some money back to me for me to have spending money.  But I really don't need anything.  I have everything I want.  I just need to give back first before I think about myself" says Keegan."

  Thanks to the crisis center, Keegan and her mom are now standing on their two feet, and they hope with their help, other families will too.

And you know what...This isn't the first time Keegan has given back to her community. Last year, she donated 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love.


While many of us brag about the character of our community this young lady lives it. It's people like her that make this a better east Texas. We want to recognize other unsung heroes in our community. If you know someone like Keegan please let me know. Write me at abettereasttexas@kltv.com.

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