Camp Notes: Sidelined T.O. and an 8-year Rookie?

The Cowboys have been in camp for a week now and Bill Parcells is itching for a solid depth chart. That means it's time to play a game. Parcells brought in officials today for the first time, preparing the players for an afternoon scrimmage on Saturday. Expect a depth chart to follow.  We already know T.O. will sit atop that depth chart, but he was sitting atop an exercise bike today. He missed practice with a sore hamstring.  He is expected to be OK.  Safety Justin beriault may not be OK.  He is expected to miss several more days as he recovers from a concussion.

Greg Ellis hasn't missed any days. He can't afford to. The 8-year defensive line vet is now being challenged to learn a new position.

"I don't know what we're doing here with Ellis," Parcells admitted.

Ellis probably agrees. The 8-year veteran defensive end, is being asked, basically to start over, as he learns to play outside linebacker. He'll still continue to rush the quarterback, but, he'll also now be responsible for pass coverage.

"Got to be a two-trick ponie," Parcells dead panned, "As opposed to a one-trick ponie."

Ellis expressed his concerns about the move at the start of camp, especially considering it's a contract year for him, but you wouldn't know it by how he's playing so far.

"I'm going to fulfill my obligation," Ellis said, "and that is to come and play football. It's not what I, again, I'm a 4-3 (defense) guy, so I've got to learn something all over again. That's a huge challenge, but, it is what it is, and we'll just see how it works out."

"Greg is a professional," said Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.  "He's been fantastic on the field. He's been good in the meetings. I haven't noticed any change in him whatsoever."

"Really, it just comes down to, whether you want to do your job or not," said Parcells, "and I'm pretty certain that he'll do his job."

"I'm just going out and giving all I can give," said Ellis.  "If it's enough, great. If it's not enough, you know, that's it."

Kevin Berns reporting.