Longview Community Crime Meeting Held

A Longview community group has started their own initiative to fight crime in their neighborhood, now they want to take it city wide.

This afternoon, community and police representatives met at Maude Cobb Activity Center to talk about reducing violent crime.

Mayor Jay Dean addressed the group, focusing on cooperation between the public and the police department. The group is focused on what motivates crime, and then, taking those motivations away.

"For any criminal activity to take place there has to be the opportunity, the ability and desire. From a church point of view, I would like to see us remove that desire," said Friendship Baptist church member D.J. Nelson.

"The crime problem is not restricted to one part of the city; and we've got to work together as a community, for all the community. It takes us doing it, not waiting for somebody else to do it," said Longview police chief J.B. McCaleb.

The group plans to hold more meetings in the future on how to work together to stop crime city wide.

Bob Hallmark, reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com