Cowboys Camp: Safety Is Locked

The defense is leading the way so far at Cowboys training camp in California, and their success has a lot to do with their pro-bowl safety.  Roy Williams signed a 4-year, $25.2 million contract extension today, which locks him up through 2010.  Kicker Mike Vanderjagt missed practice this morning. He said he was sick.  And, the Cowboys cut their roster to 83 by releasing defensive end Vontrell Jamison.

With the departure of key veterans like Dan Campbell, La'Roi Glover and Keyshawn Johnson, a big question during camp this year is, who will step up as the leaders?

"I am going to be a Cowboy for life," said Williams.  "There ain't no doubt about it. I'm staying here."

There are 25-million reasons on the table now that say Roy Williams is one of the Cowboys leaders for years to come.

"Roy, through his play brings leadership," said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.  "I gave him a big hand shake. Didn't pay him, but I gave him a hand shake out there."

"Leadership role is just lead by example," said Williams, "and just pull some of the young guys aside when you see them slacking and let them know that we're not promised to be here tomorrow, so you need to bring your "A" game each and every day."

T.O. claims to be a leader, and we know Drew Bledsoe will have to lead, but who else will Parcells look to for leadership?

"Well, I think I've got some young guys on defense like Newman and Brady James, and those kind of guys," said Parcells.  "They've been playing long enough now that they can have something to say. The players figure that out. I don't figure that out. I can't mandate a leader."

"The biggest thing with me is getting on the field and seeing what situation we're in," said Newman, "because sometimes, you don't need to say anything, and sometimes you do."

Kevin Berns reporting.