Flipping Out: Tyler Gymnast Headed To USA Championships

Some people are just born to do what they do.

"After we started training you see what kind of reaction people's body have to it," explained Texas East Gymnastics coach Martin Parsley, "and she just became faster and stronger and quicker."

Alaina Johnson was born to be a gymnast.

"I have a thing I do before every event where I visualize and it just helps me get the perfect routine in my head," Alaina explained.

After her qualifying performance last week, Alaina will compete in the USA Championships. If she is one of 12 finalist, she will become a member of the national team.

"The numbers breakdown really fast," Coach Parsley said. "A million little girls participate in gymnastics every week somewhere. Sixty-eight thousand compete competitively in USA gymnastics. Twenty-two will be in St. Paul, Minneapolis to try and be crowned number one."

She practices for six hours, five days a week and for three and a half the other two. Alaina is an elite gymnast, putting her on the same level as the olympians.

"It was cool to be with the seniors because last year, I was a junior," she said.

If Alaina qualifies for the national team she would go on to compete in the world championships and even though she takes it one competition at a time, she could go to the olympics.

"That would be really cool and I hope to get to."

The USA Championships are August 17 and 19.