Alleged Kidnappers Arrested, Police Tracked Them By Their Cell Phone

A cell phone helps Jacksonville authorities rescue a mother and child kidnapped from their Austin home. Their alleged abductors, 30 year old Jose Martinez and 19 year old Mariela Reyes-Martinez were arrested this morning by Jacksonville police and are charged with two counts of kidnapping.

Police say the suspects used a cell phone to call the victims family.  GPS coordinates obtained from those calls led police to a house on Gillespie Street in Jacksonville where police made the arrest and found the mother and child unharmed.

When the suspects were being taken to jail, police say jose martinez kicked out a window in the patrol car, jumped out and ran away.

He was rearrested  and is now facing additional charges of criminal mischief and evading arrest.

Jacksonville Lieutenant John Page says the department is still not sure why the kidnapping happened.

"When we found out that we were dealing with a three month old infant, my focus on "why" kind of went out the window.  When you have a three month old infant, every second that goes by literally might mean the difference between life and death," says Page.

The woman identified as the victim told police her husband does know the suspects. However, she says she had never met them.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: