District Considering Appeal For John Tyler "Unacceptable" Rating

Tyler's school superintendent says the district is poring over student records at John Tyler High School, they want to appeal the state's designation that the school is academically "unacceptable."

Superintendent David Simmons says the ranking has nothing to do with student performance.  Instead, he says the ranking was related to the rate of completion of students in the class of 2005 and there was a problem with the data.

"It's how students are tracked in and out of the district over the course of a school year. We believe there are four students that triggered that rating and it's possible that those four students possibly could have been miscoded at the local or state level and not picked up on the state accountability system," Simmons said.

Dr. Simmons says the district has until August 18 to appeal the rating. Overall, he says TISD is improving and the district is close to achieving "recognized" status.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.