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8/1/06-Oxnard, CA

Camp Notes: Protecting the Running Back

A new player in camp, the return of a starter and the visit of a former pro-bowler.  The Cowboys conducted one practice in Oxnard, California today, but there was still plenty to talk about. The 'boys signed defensive end Jason Davis. Davis played in NFL Europe last year.   Defensive tackle DeMarcus Spears is back in camp after successful knee surgery. He's expected back on the field in a couple of weeks.  And, former pro-bowl offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy visited camp today. After a two-year retirement, Kennedy is looking to play again. The Cowboys don't seem interested. While the 'boys may not be interested in Kennedy, they are definitely interested in shoring up the o-line, especially with durability questions surrounding their starting running back. When healthy, running back Julius Jones has shown flashes of brilliance. As a starter, he averages nearly 100-yards a game rushing. But jones has missed 11 games in his first two seasons. With the pounding NFL backs take these days, head coach Bill Parcells says it's tough to depend on just one runner.

"When you've got a 205 pound back, or a 207 pound back, you're always a little concerned that that's going to be a problem," Parcells said.  "Not that he's going to get hurt, but it's just the physical task of the job, 30, you know you get tackled 30 times a game, and then you've got to block another 20. You know that's a lot of collisions for a 205 back."

And that's why Jones has set one goal above all others for the coming season.

"16 games," Jones said.  "As far as me personally? 16 games. As far as the team, playoffs and Super Bowl." 

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