Two East Texas Brothers Behind Bars For Alleged Home Invasion

He's a star football player for Lindale High School with a future ahead of him, but now he's facing the possibility of life in prison.   Demarcus Martin. 17 was arrested last night for invading a Lindale home and holding a couple at gunpoint. Smith County Constable Dennis Taylor says he turned himself in.   Demarcus allegedly committed the crime with his older brother, 22-year- old Willie Martin, Jr." who was also arrested.   Smith County Constable's searched the brother's house and found clothes they believe were worn during the invasion, and the gun used. Constable Taylor says the older brother Willie Martin has been a suspect in several crimes, but Demarcus' involvment is a surprise to the entire community.

"Demarcus, he's a senior at Lindale High School," said Smith County Constable, Dennis Taylor. "He had numerous colleges looking at him. He was starting defensive lineback for the football team. One of the better athletes Lindale had. He goes to church every Sunday. He's at school everytime the doors open. He was a good student. They work with him at school. He's dissapointed a lot of people."   The brothers have been charged with Aggravated Robbery, a first degree felony. They are in the Smith County jail, both have a $250,000  bond.

The Lindale home, the brothers are accused of invading last Thursday night, is just down the street from where they live. The constable says the brothers had been scoping out the senior couple's home for months. One of the victims told us what happened that night.

"One stood here with the flashlight and the rifle, and the other one came around and stood here," said Patricia Hill, who was robbed at gunpiint. Patricia Hill and her husband were at home sleeping last Thursday when they woke up to two men pointing guns in their face.

"Ithought my god,we're being robbed," said Patricia. "That's the first thing that went through my mind, and the other thing was please don't kill me." The Hills told police, the robbers wanted cash, and they told Patricia's husband Billy to get his wallet.

"They then took him into the kitchen right here where the billfold was, so he had him stand like this facing the wall and he (the robber) told him (Billy Hill) not to look," said Patricia. Back in the bedroom, Patricia says she asked the robber why he was doing this. She says she was taken back by his answer.

"I'm so sorry ma'am," said Patricia. "I am so sorry. He said I am just trying to feed my kids." Patricia told police, the robbers entered her home through the back door. Law enforcement told Patricia the robbers got in using stolen keys.

"We thought they were in the shed, so we didn't make any keys and we have been looking all over the property trying to find them," said Patricia. Patricia and her husband have now taken extra steps to secure their home, putting up pad locks and an alarm system.

"I'm used to walking and going, but now I can see you can't do that anymore," said Patricia. Police say, the robber's stole $200 in cash, and a phone. The Hills believe the robbers were trying to stop them from calling the police.

Molly Reuter, reporting.