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Businesses Burned In Mabank

An East Texan town is cleaning up four local businesses, destroyed in a fire. It happened last night in Mabank... that's in the southeast corner of Kauffman County.   We talked with a few of the business owners today, as they watched the debris of their businesses being torn down.

In a short period of time flames engulfed four business in downtown Mabank. One of the business owners, Don McAfee relives what happened.

"We stepped out and saw a little bit of smoke coming from the cleaners.  We still don't think it a serious situation.  Then when we saw it was serious we jumped back through and a laptop and a few digital cameras.  I came out the back door to go put it in my truck and it was just engulfed back there," says Don McAfee.  

Don got a few items out but building owner, Michael Caldwell was not so lucky. He doesn't live in town and didn't know about the fire until he saw the news this morning.

"We saw your aerial view and it showed our building and we knew we had to come down here," says Michael Caldwell.

City workers did find a few items in the debris.  

"That is my brothers motorcycle.  His hobby is collecting old motorcycles.  The firemen were very kind to get it out for us they did a very good job," says Michael Caldwell.

Assistant Fire Chief, Kyle McAfee says the fire spread quick.  

"It went through the attic and spread to the other business.  You had a lot of the fire pass through the holes and that's why it kept spreading on us.  So all we have as far as fire walls is the brick," says Kyle McAfee.

He says 10 fire departments and over 75 firefighters were needed to put out the fire. In all four businesses were destroyed and two others had smoke damage.  

"Nobody was hurt and that was the main thing, you can replace the property.  That's been my motto any ways," says Don McAfee.

Officials say the fire started at a cleaners, one of the business destroyed. However, it may be next week before a cause will be determined.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. 

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