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Longview HS Gets Standardized Dress Code

School is just around the corner and many parents are already getting their kids ready, but are you buying the right clothes? Longview High School has implemented a new standardized dress code that limits how and what students can wear. 

In past years, Longview High Schoolers have walked these halls with a dress code...but this year will be different. There will be a new standardized dress code.

Principal Milton Wallace says, "one of the things that we're trying to do is, we're trying to level the playing field for all students and also to bring some structure and organization to our campus as far as expectations, we're trying to raise the expectations of our campus."

Last year's dress code said no sagging clothes, tank tops, low-cut clothing, or spaghetti straps. And all pants, shorts and skirts must be worn above the hips. 

However, this year, the standardized code says all shirts must be collared and buttoned. This means no t-shirts can be worn. And as far as pants go, they must be pleated or have a flat-front. No cargo pants or jeans are allowed. 

Principal Wallace and some parents believe these changes will help students. "I've noticed and observed the students that when they dress better they act better," says Wallace.

Kirsten Nickel, a Longview parent, says "I think if children dress more respectfully then they'll act that way. I think too many parents have just gone the easy way and just let their kids dress themselves. It's just not acceptable if you're going to school."

However, the new restrictions have some parents and students unhappy.
"No one slowed down and took a look at it and tried to apply it with common sense," says Mary Lou Tevebough, whose daughter will be a senior at LHS.

Briana Airhart will be a freshman at LHS, she says, "I don't like it because I had to wear uniforms for three years and I think in high school you should be able to have free dress."

But principal Wallace says the only real change is no blue jeans or t-shirts. "I don't look at as being a uniform because it's not. There are just limitations that you have but it's not saying you can only wear a blue and you can only wear this color top  Kids still have a lot of options on how they want to dress and what they want to wear."

Either way you look at it, come the first day of school, Principal Wallace says students who don't follow the standardized dress code run the risk of being sent home.  

The standardized dress code was finalized earlier this month and will take affect the first day of school, August 17th.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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