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Credit Card Abuse While Planning Family Vacation

A nightmare for an East Texas family on their first day of vacation. While planning a trip to Dallas, their credit card information was stolen, with the thieves racking up hundreds of dollars in charges.  The family didn't find out about the theft until a time when they needed the card most.

Kurt Weiss called ahead and made reservations to Medieval Times in Dallas, it was one of the activities on their family vacation.  

"We didn't want to go very far and wanted to make it a local trip and do something fun," says Kurt Weiss.

But a flat tire on the first day of vacation ended up not being the worst part.

"When we found out we needed a new tire so we used our credit card to buy it and it wouldn't go through," says Weiss.

Weiss had used that same credit card to make his reservations the night before....less than 24 hours later, the card was maxed out. He thinks someone at Medieval Times is responsible.

"They used it and charged $948.27 and the one of the charges that actually when through and maxed out the credit card.  They tried using it several other times," says Weiss.

The larger purchases were made at several Nordstroms.

"One was done in Seattle, Washington and 12 minutes later it was Miami, Florida," says Weiss.

But the most disturbing was the charge to  

"The last one was which is the one that scares us the most because we don't know how that is going to be used," says Weiss.

Dallas police could not comment on the the case but did say they are investigating a credit card abuse case that happened at Medieval Times in Dallas off Stemmons Freeway.

However, Weiss says he is rethink using credit cards.

"It's sad to say but not even use a credit card unless it is absolutely necessary," says Weiss.

Weiss says the credit card company has told him, they will not hold him liable for the charges.  

We did speak with Kendale Ward, the Marketing Manager for Medieval Times in Dallas.  He says, "Once contacted, immediate and decisive actions were taken to insure the integrity of our guests personal information."

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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