The T.O. Show: Day One Of Cowboys Practice

It has been a little more than four months and it seems Cowboys fans, whether they love him or hate him, are getting used to the idea of Terrell Owens wearing the star.

That was pretty clear Saturday in Oxnard, California when T.O. took to the field for his first Cowboys training camp.

By the thousands Cowboys fans lined the fences, eager to see the newest star wearing the star.

"I'm happy to be here," Owens said. "I can see why they are America's Team."

All of the attention on the first day of practice was even unique to veteran Drew Bledsoe.

"Never have played with someone, that as you put it, draws as much attention as he does," Bledose said.

His teammate seemed right at home.

"First day of camp, being here with the guys, other then being in a new uniform it's nothing much different at all," Owens said.

He was already giving fans a treat, beating Aaron Glenn on a run to score a touchdown in a seven on seven scrimmage. Still the flashing lights and cameras may be too much for the team, and bill Parcells is keeping a cautious eye on his new receiver.

"Do you think iIhaven't been observant?" Parcells questioned, "and watching? You'd have to be in a closet. You look at it and he's here. My job is to get that player into the system and get him going well."

When he signed with the Cowboys last March, T.O. instructed fans to get their popcorn because there would be a show. Seems like everyone is ready and waiting.

"I think the skies the limit with me as far as getting to another level," Owens said. "If you want to say the stars the limit, then there it is. "