Kiepersol Estates Hold Stomping Grapes Event

It's cold, squishy and a dark purple color, and in a couple of weeks it will be turned into wine.   Kiepersol Estates, a winery in Bullard, had its sixth annual stomping grapes event. The owner says the event kicks off their harvest season. The stomping was especially fun for the kids, but it was two women dressed like Lucille Ball who seemed to have had the most fun.

"She was lost in the vineyard in Italy and made a fool out of herself and hello, so are we," said event participant Carroll Lumley.

"It's an old European tradition," said Kiepersol Estates owner Marnelle Durrett. "Typically, the men would harvest them and the women would come and stomp them, but here we're letting everybody get in."

Wine tasting was also available at the event along with carriage rides through the vineyard.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.