Korean War Veterans Remembered

Last Thursday marked the 53rd anniversary of the signing of cease fire in the Korean War. It's a war that has been known by many as the forgotten war, but to those that served it's a war that reminds Americans that freedom is not free.

For several years, Americans fought and died in Korea.

"Everyone remembers WWII," said Korean War Veterans Association of East Texas president James Gill. "They call that the big one and everybody remembers Vietnam because there were all the protests and TV coverage, but we came back from three years in Korea with all those deaths."

A year ago, the Korean War Veterans Association of East Texas watched a monument go up in Tyler in their memory. The monument shows how many Americans fought, were wounded and died in the war.  Also, on the monument is the war's number of POW's and MIA's. To honor them, the veterans association put together a Table of Honor.

"It is set for five representing the five branches of service:  Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force," said Wanda Baugess, whose brother went MIA during the war.  Today, Baugess stood by the table in her brother's memory.

"It's a great honor you know there is just nothing.  He was my only brother and nothing can replace him," said Baugess.

Baugess along with every Korean War veteran want Americans to remember how we helped South Korea become a free country.  "A lot of our younger people don't even know what the Korean War was, but there are those that are not forgotten and will never be forgotten," said Baugess.

This is the Korean War Veterans Association's first memorial service. The group says it plans on having it again next year.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com