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7/28/06-Oxnard, CA

Cowboys Camp: Bill & Jerry's Excellent Adventure

"It's great to be back in Oxnard," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones declared.

Jerry and Bill are back, and so is the preseason optimism.

"Headed into this camp," said Jones, "I really believe that this is a very good time to be a fan and have an association with the Dallas Cowboys and the National Football League."

Even the Big Tuna, head coach Bill Parcells, should be happy, if only in a Tuna kind of way. 

"I don't care how many lemons you got," Parcells told his players today, "or what the quality of the lemons are, you still got to make the lemonade."

Terrell Owens seems ready to make lemonade, if he can put down his book long enough.

"I haven't read his book," Parcells said with a straight face.  "I don't even know the name of it."

"His focus will be on what he does right out here," promised Jones.

It better be, because Parcells is ready to challenge him.

"I would have a serious, serious problem with any player that didn't respond to competition," Parcells said.

That includes defensive tackle Greg Ellis, who Parcells says needs to put the kibosh on trade talks.

"He's going to have to play here," Parcells explained. "or he could retire if he wanted to.  But, that'll be his two choices right now."

Fresh off being shot for the second time, cornerback Keith Davis doesn't want to get traded. He just wants a job; something he didn't have the last time he got shot.

"My father used to have an expression for things like that, you know," explained Parcells.  "He used to say, hey Parcells, it's never your fault but you're always there. So, i think it's a good thing to avoid situations that can result in something like that."

"It's time to get working and it's time to just go to the field," summed up Jones, "and let's see what happens out on that football field."

Kevin Berns reporting.

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