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Freedom Fighter: Tom Townsend

Tom Townsend says the only war he fought in was the Cold War. But his collection of military vehicles helped to win every war from World War Two through Desert Storm.

Townsend's collection includes twelve operating Army vehicles, ranging from jeeps to a thirteen ton artillary tractor.

Townsend became fascinated with military collectibles as an "Army Brat" growing up in Germany. When he served in the U.S. Calvary, tanks and larger vehicles became his passion.

A number of Townsend's vehicles have been in such movies as "Pearl Harbor", "Escape From Dino Island and "Wind Talkers".

Townsend often uses his vehicles in military parades and his museum is open to the public by appointment. He feels that by preserving these military vehicles, he's also preserving an important part of our military history.

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