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Two Longview Fires Investigated As Arsons

  The Longview fire marshal's office is looking for suspects after two arsons that occurred less than eight hours apart. The first happened around 7:30 Thursday night at a home at 807 Butler drive. The second happened at three in the morning at a home on 1400 Gay street. Both homes were unoccupied. Both were destroyed.  Investigators say the first fire may have been in retaliation for a debt that the property owner had not paid, while the second arson appears to be in retaliation over recent violence in the area.

    "It concerns me that something this close to me could happen and my home could be in danger from the sparks from the fire" said Butler Street resident Mary Gray.

   "The Butler street fire, it was still daylight there were still neighbors around surely somebody saw something because this was on the front porch of a busy street" said Longview Assistant Fire Marshal Jimmy Purcell.

    Anyone with information on either case should call Longview crime stoppers or the Longview fire marshal's office.  

Reported By Bob Hallmark:

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