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Cause of Plane Crash Still Unknown

New information on two East Texas men killed in a plane crash in Louisiana. Otis McClung and Briggs Haugh were on their way from Mississippi early yesterday when their plane went down near Monroe, Louisiana.

McClung was a Longview business owner and Haugh was a LeTourneau graduate and flight instructor.

Today, we spoke with one of Briggs Haugh's fellow flight instructors who says Haugh had a real passion for flying.

Bruce Chase, the assistant chief flight instructor at LeTourneau University says, "It was evident in the way he approached flying, in the way he approached his flight lessons as a student and as an instructor. Obviously in his career choice, he loved flying, it's what he loved to do, he enjoyed it. He seemed to always be smiling, always be eager to learn, worked really hard. If there was something that was difficult, he would work at it until he got it. He never gave up."

Police in Louisiana have confirmed the plane belonged to Otis McClung. It is still unknown at this time what may have caused the crash, but investigators aren't ruling out the possibility of bad weather.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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