Two Teens' Bodies Recovered

The bodies of the two Edgewood teens were recovered this morning. The two teens 16 year old Kyle Huffman and 17 year old Bradley Melton drowned on Wednesday evening off the shore of the Holiday Marina in Van Zandt County.

"Kyle was a good kid he was a laid back kid," says Billy Huffman, Kyle Huffman's Uncle.

"Bradley was a very good swimmer we have spent most of his life out here on this lake fishing," Johnny Lamberson, Bradley Melton's Uncle.

Bradley and Kyle were best friends and spent most of their time together.

"More than best friends. They stuck together quite a bit.  They enjoyed working on cars and stuff together and working on bikes and stuff like that," says Lamberson.

And on Wednesday, they were at the lake with Kyle's family when the two teens decided to go for a swim. They swam about 100 yards off the end of the peninsula and then the bottom of the lake dropped off.  It went from 3 feet to 20 feet.  Bradley's uncle tells us what happened next.

"First boy was out in the water with Bradley.  And the first boy had trouble swimming and Bradley turned back around to help. Kyle went down under water and Bradley went back to help. Bradley went under and they never came back up," says Lamberson.

Kyle's uncle says he knows Bradley was trying to save Kyle.

"The kid was hero he gave his life for his own friend and you know he is our hero," says Huffman.

Today as the bodies of both teens were recovered.... The family embraced one another.

"It's almost unbelievable. Everybody knows what is happening but no one wants to believe it at all," says Lamberson.

"It is just a tragedy something we don't know what happened but it's a tragedy," says Huffman.

If you'd like to help the families, a tragedy fund has been setup for Bradley Melton's and Kyle Huffman's funerals.  Donations will be taken at the First National Bank of Edgewood.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.