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****HOLD PKG**** Circle Bee Estates Residents Concerned Over Road

Dozens of East Texas families say they are stranded because of the street where they live. Circle Bee Estates is located off Highway 31 East, near FM 246 in Tyler, near the Gregg County line.

Residents say they're frustrated about what they are having to live without and who's responsible.

"We had to have an ambulance come out here and they couldn't even get back here. That's a major concern of ours," said Betti Neal, 52, a two-year Circle Bee Estates resident.

Because this is not recognized as a county road, Neal says she and her neighbors have been unable to obtain certain services. "Until we get recognized out here, that we're even living here, the water companies won't do anything," said Neal.  

She says she had to pay $10,000 to have a well installed. She and her neighbors pay $500 a month for garbage collection and school buses will only pick children up at the entrance of the subdivision. "We're not asking the county to do any more than what we're paying our taxes to do," said Neal.

David Ethredge, 50, has been living at Circle Bee Estates for seven years. He says when the subdivision's owner died, he thought the county would take over the responsibilities of maintaining the road. "After 20 years they said they were going to come in and that would have been three years ago, so we really don't know," said Etheredge.

"They didn't realize that these were private roads and not county road when they bought their lots. And so, there's laws that the commissioners have to work under," said Smith County Precinct 3 Commissioner Bobby Van Ness.

In order for the county to take over the upkeep of the road, residents have to take a vote.  If there's a majority, the county fixes the road, but residents are responsible for the bill.  After the road is fixed, the county maintains it .

County officials say it would cost between $10,000 and $35,000 per mile to fix the road. That all depends on the material used.  

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.  ortega@kltv.com


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