2 Teens Drown On Lake Tawakoni

This morning, Texas Game Wardens took to the water again, searching for the bodies of the two teens.

Best friends Kyle Huffman and Brad Shiflet were at the lake with Kyle's family when they decided to go for a swim.  They swam about 100 yards off the end of a peninsula and were still able to stand. Then, suddenly, the lake bottom disappeared from underneath them.

Captain Larry Hand with the Texas Parks and Wildlife says is not uncommon right now.

"At these low water levels, what we're seeing at a lot of lakes is that very close to where the current water line is, it makes a drastic drop," says Hand.

Off camera, a family friend said he heard one of the boys call for help. He looked out to see one of the teens struggling in the water. That same boy then grabbed a hold of the other. The man raced to the water to try and help. Then, he began struggling himself and had to turn around.

Today, dogs were brought out to help with the search. Game wardens continued dragging the lake bottom, but they are facing a number of challenges.

Warden Steve Stapleton says, "We have a fairly poor target area.  We have high winds and a really stumpy area to cover,  and then, multiply that by two because we're looking for two victims here. So, you know, it's twice as tough."

Everyone here says they'll work through sunset trying find the bodies, so they can return them to their families. If the bodies are not found tonight, the Smith County dive team will be brought in first thing in the morning, and the search will resume.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com