Upshur Protest Over Convicted Drunk Driver

An Upshur County woman, already on probation for intoxication manslaughter, is facing jail time once again. 34 year old Kristel Hock was convicted in a 2004 accident that killed 26 year old Greg Brown. She was pregnant during sentencing and given probation.  After the birth of her child, Hock and the baby tested positive for cocaine.

This revelation has sparked anger with both the victim's family and other families who lost loved ones to drunk drivers. Families of drunk driving victims and members of "mothers against drunk driving" protested outside the Upshur county courthouse, on Wednesday, angry over Kristel Hock's positive drug test.

"To me with someone who has a history of prior abuse with drugs and alcohol it would be normal to test them when they enter the probation system" said Mary Ann Brown, who's son "Greg" was Hock's victim.

Police reports say in 2004, Hock veered into Greg Brown's lane, hitting him head on.

"Behind every victim there's a story that goes on long after the trial is finished" says Brown.

2 months after Hock was sentenced to probation, she gave birth to her 4th child, the baby also had cocaine in it's system.

"I was dumbfounded that the probation department had not caught that" Brown says.

"When we heard that the baby was born and the mother tested positive for cocaine, just aghast and appalled by the sentence you wonder how a judge and jury would come to that conclusion" said east Texas "mothers against drunk driving" director Vicki Knox.

The family of 18 year old Lauren Frazier, who was also killed by a drunk driver in 2004, came to support the Browns.

"Its tragic that these people can choose to drink and drive and have their fun and go out and murder someone and get away with it" said Fraziers uncle, Terry Gibson.

CPS has removed Hock's children from her custody and she has been charged with child endangerment as well as violation of probation.

"She will go to prison and she'll be held accountable for the crime she committed.   Greg has received justice and that will close the book for me" Brown says.

Kristel Hock remains in the Upshur county jail on 100-thousand dollars bond. Mary Ann Brown and the other protestors plan to attend Hock's probation revocation hearing. That's set for tomorrow. Bob Hallmark/ .