Two South Broadway Restaurants Have Numerous Violations

Cheddar's at 6701 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected June 19th.  Cooked chicken had been improperly cooled, and the inspector tested shrimp and ribs at 44-53 degrees; should be 41 degrees or below.  Foods thrown out.   A cooler needed repair before foods could be stored there again.  The inspector also noted improper handwashing by an employee before handling foods ready to be served, and improper barriers between bare hands and the food.   Certain foods were also not properly labeled with the date and time of preparation, and no hot water was available at a handsink.  Also, metal tongs lay in containers of warm water.

Total demerits: 28.

On a recheck the next day, all problems had been corrected.  There were no demerits.

Shogun at 3521 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected July 18th.   Eggs were sitting at room temperature, testing at 78 degrees; should be 41 degrees or below.  Raw chicken was stored about fruit in a cooler.  The inspector noted a lack of soap and paper towels at handsinks throughout the restaurant, and knives at the sushi bar were dirty with dried food particles.  Also, a cockroach was seen in the sushi bar sink, with unapproved insect spray.   Certified food manager required for restaurant.

Total demerits: 24.

A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Inspections performed by the Northeast Texas Public Health District.