Tyler Girl Goes On Shopping Spree For A Good Cause

10 year old Katie Mouser is a girl on a mission. She's trying to find the perfect toys to fill the playroom at the East Texas Hospice Center.

"Since my grandma was at hospice, I was in the kids room a lot, and I got kind of bored because all the toys were broken," says Kaite.

Katie will be a 6th grader at Hogg Middle School next year and was supposed to do a community service project before school starts. She thought raising money for new toys would be perfect.

A letter writing campaign raised more than one thousand dollars, and each new toy was carefully chosen by Katie.

Judy Griffin works at the hospice center say the playroom gives children a place to escape the reality of what's happening around them.

"This playroom and all of the toys that are in it will create a safe environment and an opportunity to use their imagination and go on with living," says Judy.

Katie's parents say the project has given her something positive to focus on while her grandmother is sick.

"It's nice to think that when we go in this week and when other kids go in, they'll have that," says Mrs. Mouser.

Looking at what she's accomplished, they couldn't be more proud.

Lindsay Wilcox:Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com