Hot Dog Toaster: "Does It Work?"

The kids are still out for the summer and for a lot of you, that's an extra meal or two you have to prepare. There are times you wish there was a simpler way where they could even do it themselves. Enter, this week's "Does It Work?" product: The Hot Dog Toaster.

It says right on the box, If you can make toast "now you can make hot tasty hot dogs." The Hot Dog Toaster has two frank-sized holes in the middle and two holes on each end of the toaster, just big enough to hold a standard sized hot dog bun. The franks just fit, and so do the buns.

Just push down on the toaster lever and wait. There's also a 1-5 dial you can set for desired doneness. While those are cooking, we read the directions, which warn you against using jumbo sized hot dogs. It says they "might initially fit in the basket (holes), but heating will cause them to swell and then they get jammed." We'll keep that in mind.

Meanwhile, our first two "dogs" have popped up along with some toasted buns. A couple of food testers said they turned out great. We did this a few times using various heat settings. All of the hot dogs came out hot. All buns were toasted. We stuck some large sausages in to see what would happen. They got stuck after cooking on setting "5" but they came out with a little extra effort. They were warm inside, but not hot. So, we cooked a second round of sausages for a longer cooking time and they got hot, but also very stuck!

Our advice: Follow the directions and stick to regular hot dogs. "Does It Work?" We give the Hot Dog Toaster a "yes."

Joe Terrell, reporting.

Clean up was easier than expected.

We paid $14.99 for the Hot Dog Toaster at CVS Pharmacy.