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Consumer Warning Against Travel Agency

Dan Clements says over the course of two days Encore Travel called his house more than 10 times to see if he was coming to their seminar.  He has no idea how they even got his number!  "That didn't sit well with me. But it's not like we're having to go to Dallas," says Dan. So he and his fiance went to the Hampton Inn on Troup Highway, where they would be shown a three- minute presentation about the travel discounts they'd receive, by becoming a travel agent with this company. "What you do is you buy directly from the provider, like the airline and hotel and eliminate the middle man," says Dan about what he learned in the presentation. It may sound good to some, but the price to join? "It was $6,000 to join and a $350 registration fee," recalls Dan. He says the company didn't have any paperwork, a brochure, nothing to support their offer. It's something that doesn't surprise the local Better Business Bureau. "Deal with absolute information, know what you're dealing with! Do you have the ability to run a travel agency out of your home?," says Kay Robinson, President of the Better Business Bureau of Central East Texas. We found out the company's history speaks for itself: under its name Omniquest Travel, the company has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau. And an arbiter revoked Encore Travel's airlines reporting Corporation Accreditation, which gives Encore Travel the ability to operate a travel agency and issue airline tickets. "It didn't take long before I realized they were not lying to make a sale, they were lying to steal," says Dan. He says it was an easy decision to walk away from this deal, instead of becoming a victim of buyer's remorse.

Encore Travel, and Omniquest Travel, has booked space at the Hampton Inn in Tyler. Their seminars are tomorrow through this Sunday. We talked with a representative with Encore Travel who says their business is legitimate and they many have members who are very happy with their services.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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