Jacksonville Announces New Police Chief

Almost 4 months ago, the City of Jacksonville suspended former Police Chief Mark Johnson and conducted an investigation regarding his leadership.  As a result, Johnson later resigned.   We were there today, when the City Manager announced their new leader.

"The City of Jacksonville Chief of Police is Reece Daniel," says Mo Raissi, City Manager for Jacksonville.

Today, City Manager Mo Raissi along with City Council members welcomed their new police chief.   Chief Reece Daniel is a retired police chief from Rowlett, with more than 28 years experience in law enforcement.  Chief Daniel says the problems the police department has had do not worry him.

"Right now, what this department needs is some leadership and that's what I am here to provide.  Turmoil is no big issue... All that says is that this police department and city needs some leadership.  They need good ethical leadership, someone that has the background and experience and someone that's not afraid to do what is right and that's me," says Reece Daniel, New Police Chief for City of Jacksonville.

Chief Daniel was one out of 40 candidates the city had to choose from... Including Interim Police Chief John Page.

"Obviously I was disappointed. The city manager choose a candidate that he thought was best for the future of the department and City of Jacksonville," says Lt. John Page, Jacksonville Police Department.

City Manager Mo Raissi says they were looking for experience.

"He has been the chief in the last city and was assistant in one of the other cities," says Raissi.

Chief Daniel says he is ready to take this tough job.

"If a jobs not tough it's not worth having. There are good people here. I will get these people behind me and the job will get easier and easier as time goes on," says Chief Daniel.

Police Chief Daniel says he and his wife are looking at houses in Jacksonville. He says he hopes to begin his new job in a few weeks.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com