An East Texas Assistant D.A. Enters Treatment Facility

An East Texas prosecutor has checked into a treatment facility after being arrested for his third DWI. Gregg County Assistant DA Lance Larison was arrested Saturday afternoon for driving while intoxicated and evading arrest.

Because of Larison's position as an Assistant DA, police had to make special provisions to keep him away from the general jail population.

Police say they were called on Saturday about someone driving recklessly, but when they tried to pull Larison over, he drove off, eventually stopping in his driveway.

After convincing him to get out of his car, police say Larison stumbled and fell to the ground. A search of the car turned up 3 empty beer cans, as well as open liquor bottles.

Because this is Larison's third DWI, he could face up to 10 years in prison. He's now out on bond and has checked into a treatment center.

As part of his bond, police will install an interlock device on his car. That device will shut off Larison's car if his breath tests positive for alcohol.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: