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Teen's Golf Drive Proclaimed World Record By A 17-Year-Old

Four hundred and eleven yards. 

It is longer than four football fields and a number that would make Phil Mickelson jealous.

But that is just how far one East Texas teen's drive went, flying all the way into the record books. 

"I can usually hit it further than most of the guys," said 17-year-old Wade Goldberg.

They say any drive over 400 yards in golf is world class. Drives that rival those by Tiger, Phil and Jack. For anyone that's impressive, but especially when you are only 17.

"Nobody really realized that I was one year younger than everybody in the finals," Wade explained.

Wade competed against 32 others, all older and the cream of the crop, in the Remax Junior Long Drive Finals.  With each drive he just got better; 370, 405 and then the monster, 411.

"They proclaimed it the longest (drive) by a 17-year-old in the world," he said.

It almost did not happen. Disappointed with his practice drives, Wade considered not competing but when he got to the finals he tried something new.

"Picked up this club, my new favorite and the first one I hit they said it was a monster. "

This record setting drive is all pretty good for a guy who just started playing golf three years ago.

"The first time I ever swung a driver, I hit it further than my dad and he tried to act like that was his ball that went a little further."

Randy Stuart knows talent when he sees it. A former long drive competitor, now instructor, he has helped Wade.

"Wade, being 17, is obviously just starting his journey, and he's going to get stronger and he's going to get bigger."

And without a doubt better. So what is his secret? For any golfer, it is simple.

"Just take everything out of your head, because once you start thinking about slicing or drawing or hooking, you're going to do that. "

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