Case Is Building Against Defunct Manufactured Home Retailer

The file is growing against Pleasant Homes. Tyler police have confirmed with KLTV 7 the company's owner, William Alt, is considered a "person of interest" in their investigation. Virginia Brown knows that name well. 
  The Pleasant Homes customer filed a civil case against Alt and his business, winning the judgement. "For $3,500," says Virginia.
  "Have you received that $3,500 yet?," asks KLTV 7 Reporter Christine Nelson. "NO," she replies. 
  Virginia bought a $30,000 dollar mobile home from them. One she says Pleasant Homes promised to be spotless when they handed her the keys. But,"[I] opened up the cabinets and there was a big rat's nest in the cabinet," describes Virginia.  
  She had pictures showing the rat droppings under her sink--she believes the sink's gaping hole letting the pipes in allowed the rats inside too. The sink itself and shower were covered in scum. Walking barefoot wasn't even an option on the dirt-stained carpet.  
  Not to mention, finding traces of mold! "It was just a lot of headaches, a lot of headaches," says Virginia describing the experience. 28 other consumers thought the same thing. They all filed complaints to the state's manufactured housing division.
  KLTV 7 also found out in the last three years eight homes, listing Pleasant Homes as the owner, have had liens placed on them from a Tennessee bank. We went to the house where Pleasant Home's owner, William Alt, is believed to live. But the person inside wouldn't come to the door. It's a similar response many dissatisfied East Texas customers have received, hoping to recover thousands of dollars in losses.
  Pleasant Homes was cited last year by the state manufactured housing division. Violations include failure to provide warranty service or warranty service orders. The fine was $250.

Christine Nelson reporting.