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7/20/06-Lake Tyler

Camp Quality Provides Fun For Kids Battling Cancer

Camp director Anneliese Kulakofsky says Camp Quality is just like any other camp.

"There may be a few more medicines during meals, but these kids just want to have fun," says Kulakofsky.

This year, 32 campers packed up and headed to the campgrounds on  Lake Tyler. For some campers, it was their first time. 4 year old Maycie, on the other hand, is a veteran. This is a week she looks forward to all year.

"We get to play and do games," says Maycie.

At the beginning of the week, campers are hooked up with a companion, some one they can swim and canoe with all week long. For many of them, like 9 year old Jarod and Shane, a friendship is instantly forged which will last for years to come.

Jarod tries to describe his new friend.

"He's kind of fun and sweet and stuff. I still like him by the way. He's my friend, my companion."

It's a much needed break for these kids, many of them still in and out of hospitals for cancer treatments they're all too familiar with.

Taylor tries to tell me about a treatment he's going through right now.

"It goes in my arm. In my vains in my arm."

But medicine isn't the focus this week. Fun is, and they have plenty of it.

Most of the kids look forward to one thing, and one thing only... Swimming!  When all that swimming is over, they snap a group photo. It's just a little something to capture all the memories and friends they make this week.

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