East Texan Believes Stem Cell Research May Help Him See Again

When Tony Crow was in the hospital doctors did all they could to restore even the slightest bit of vision.  Two surgeries were unsuccessful.

"I understand that I am going to be blind, and I deal with that. I'll never, ever till the day I die, give up the hope that I'll have vision again," says Crow.

Now, they say his only hope to ever be able to see again is an advancement in stem cell research which would allow them to regenerate his optic nerve.

"The doctor said, 'It's on the horizon, Tony.  Whether it will ever come, I can't tell you that, but we're close. We're really close," said Crow.

It's been 3 years since that conversation, and Tony continues working on his farm with the help of his leader dog Rudy. When he thinks about all the things he'll miss in the future, it's almost more than he can bare.

"I may not ever have grandchildren, but if I do, I can tell you this right now. It would probably be the hardest thing, to hold them and let somebody sit there and tell you they have blonde hair or brown hair, and not be able to get your eyes on that," he says.

It's those sorts of things that break his wife,  Cheryl's, heart too.

"He won't be able to see his daughter when he walks her down the aisle," Cheryl says.

The Crow's say they are pro-life Christians who believe God ordains life at conception. They say people should be able to adopt embryos for invitro fertilization; however, the Crows say they would rather see unadopted embryos benefit people like Tony than to simply be tossed out.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com